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Terms and conditions of the online game #pushyourskills

Game organised by EuroSkills 2020 GmbH, Körblergasse 111-113, A-8010 Graz (


The online game #pushyourskills will be available for a limited period from 07. March to 30 June 2018. It can be played via the website or the smartphone app pushyourskills. Entry is open to anyone over the age of 14 who is resident in one of the participating countries of WorldSkills Europe, is employed in one of the specified trades and registers while the online game is in operation. Registration of an account (profile) implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. Each participant, hereinafter called a EuroSkiller, can participate in the online game #pushyourskills with a maximum of one account. The EuroSkillers play against one another and can challenge one another to games and collect points in the individual rounds. To log-in, players need to enter an e-mail address, their age group and their trade. The EuroSkillers in each trade group will be ranked according to score. The EuroSkiller with the highest score in each trade group will be declared the overall winner of their group at the end of the game.

EuroSkills 2020 GmbH reserves the right to exclude from the online game #pushyourskills any participant who fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions.


EuroSkills 2020 GmbH reserves the right to cancel or terminate the online game #pushyourskills at any time without notice and without giving reasons. EuroSkills 2020 GmbH may avail itself of this option especially in the event that normal operation of the game cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons.

EuroSkills 2020 GmbH accepts no liability for damages that may be caused directly as a result of participation. In particular, it is not liable in the event that the competition fails to meet the expectations of the participants, if the website, mail server or app cannot be reached, if data fails to be transferred accurately or on time, or if data is deleted, damaged or lost due to technical failure or human error.


By registering, participants expressly consent to their personal data being stored and processed for the purposes of the competition. Participants also consent to receiving information during the campaign on the subject of the game (challenges, reminders, login information, etc.) and EuroSkills 2020 GmbH in Graz by e-mail or push notifications. Participants are free to revoke their consent and withdraw from the competition by contacting The participants’ data is subject to statutory data protection provisions and will be deleted from the database of the online game #pushyourskills at the end of the campaign. Participation in the online game implies acknowledgement of all terms and conditions. The organiser’s decision is final.
EuroSkills 2020 GmbH, December 2017


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